Look, we all knew Orson Scott Card was a shit. He destroyed the Ender series by turning it into this weird, overlong meditation on the nature of power and masculinity and religion, and in every interview he's ever given he seems utterly convinced of his own superiority over the world. And now, unsurprisingly yet still unfortunately, he's given this deeply awful editorial to the Mormon Times in which he rails against same-sex marriage in ways that are ably destroyed by the folks at AfterElton.

This is just sort of newsworthy, but I'm also posting it here because it's a leadup to something else I want to talk about vis a vis our hateful little UtahNorth Carolina-dwelling sci-fi author here. I've got to do some rounding up of research and coherent writing before it'll go up here. Hold your breath? Hm.


Update! Lina corrects us: "OSC lives in North Carolina.
he is Utah-dwelling only in the sense that he wears special underpants on his brain."


Cunning_Linguist said...

*sharp breath in and holds it*

RW said...

Card isn't Bukowski. So who cares?

xopjesse said...

I dunno, this doesn't really surprise me. I enjoyed the ender novels, but I always thought they could be read (at least on one level) as a thinly veiled retelling of the founding of the Mormon church. Ender/Joe smith saves humanity by killing buggers/discovering book of Mormon, becomes outcast for doing so, wanders midwest/galaxy telling the story and what he's learned to anyone who will listen, develops a group of devoted followers, yadda yadda yadda. You get the picture. I've just always kind of assumed that that was card's intent in writing them.