Random Rage

I am going to use this space to dump a little bit of context-free vitriol that didn't really fit in a post I did for that blog I get paid to write. La la la. I get to pick what I post here because this is my special area of the internet.

We realize that the schtick of the Huffington Post is that folks who you'd never expect to be writing one of these newfangled "blog" things (on the surfable 'net, no less!) put fingers to keyboard and poop out a musing on the topic of their choice. Ninety-eight percent of the time, this is prefaced by some sort of self-aware introductory paragraph in which the HuffPo blogger plays out something like "I read [political/fashion/movie/food] blogs, of course, but I've always taken them with a grain of salt..." And the writer goes on to deliver some sort of opinion that we, the readers, are supposed to understand is in fact more nuanced than those silly little professional bloggers, simply by virtue of the fact that the writer is so above it all, so removed from the unwashed masses of the internet, and then we the readers should be interested and grateful in what this non-internet person has to say to us from their lofty existence in the real world (cue unironic, dated use of "meatspace.") The other 2% of HuffPo contributors are actual bloggers who know how to use the internet, and they are generally really psyched to be writing on a site with so much traffic, to the point where they will defend the pseudo-intellectual blather that surrounds them.

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