vignette: in the big house

Joseph: wow
Joseph: we just got a wrong number call from someone in prison.
Joseph: i feel bad.
Joseph: they wasted their call
me: oh no!
me: that's horrible
Joseph: i know!
Joseph: like, it was collect
Joseph: and the name was, blah blah im in prison
Joseph: but i couldnt accept the call just to tell him he had the wrong number
Joseph: ok, should i?
Joseph: he's calling for the third time
me: don't accept!
me: it could be a scam?
Joseph: yeah, possibly
me: like a nigerian $15.00/minute thing
Joseph: the phone number id just says "prison"
me: yeah, um, prisons don't actually do that
me: not that i know firsthand.
me: but it's the operating theory by which i live my life.


celisse said...

Ooh ooh don't do it DONT BE FOOLED. I used to get calls like that all the time on my land-line from men in prison asking for MONEYYYYY. SCARY DIRTY PRISON MEN WHO WANT MY CRISP CLEAN DOLLARS!


-j. said...

Someone named "P. Rison" is getting awfully annoyed.

Angela said...

We used to get prison phone calls ALL THE TIME at WOZQ. I didn't much care until one night a guy called to tell us he loved our station and was getting out soon, and could he maybe swing by?