Peperami Is Insane

Peperami, a UK Slim-Jim-analog, has probably the most astonishingly, deeply weird product website I have ever seen in my entire life.

The Peperami Meat Retreat (caution, plenty of sound) takes us into an Arkham-esque asylum for "twisted meat": salami products so insane that they have been committed for their (and presumably our) protection, all to a soundtrack of lunatic laughter and desperately pleading talking sausages with British accents. Various user prompts include such tempting descriptions as "Rendezvous with this psychotic salami and he will reward you dearly."

It is also one of the first times I have seen the phrase "freaky little sausage" and "if you can't handle the meat, you're asking for abuse" used in purely food-related contexts. Erm. As it were.


[via NotCot]


Cunning_Linguist said...

A bit Wallace and Grommet with a touch of macabre Tim Burton type thrown in there, huh? It only makes sense because it's pepperoni....er, salami....no. It's.... well. The name says it all, now doesn't it.

Love Kpop said...

I was a girl, but clumsy things. I do not know how to cook, sew, above, ca. I have too insipid and tedious, but that's my personality. It's hard to change