Personal Disaster

I have a cold.

This is not terribly special, and it is not the worst cold I've ever had. But it's a little after 10pm and I'm feeling fuzzy-headed and I want to go to bed, but there's that whole sneezing thing, and the drippy nose thing, and the post-nasal drip thing, and so I go into the bathroom to wash my hands (because as a doctor friend of mine just pointed out, hand hygiene is critical) and I think to myself "I will take some medicine!"

It is not until I open the door of my medicine cabinet that I realize that inside my medicine cabinet? There is no medicine. There is a lot (a lot a lot a lot) of makeup. There is a lot of ludicrously expensive skin care objects. There are enough pairs of tweezers to see my eyebrows through menopause. But there is no actual medicine in my medicine cabinet.

I am that girl. That girl? Is me. When did this happen? When did silver glitter eyeliner move in to the space where NyQuil is supposed to be? ARGH.


Cunning_Linguist said...

Take the Chris Rock philosophy on getting sick. Rub a little tussin on it.

helen said...

this would require me having tussin.