Truth in Advertising

My problem with this commercial is not that it's sponsored by the Corn Refiner's Association and that it is promoting the non-horribleness (note: not benefits!) of High Fructose Corn Syrup, and that their method is "pre-scripted characters cannot think of a reason not to consume HFCS, therefore there is no reason not to consume it!"

Rather, my problem is that the boyfriend, at the end, asks about the girlfriend's red popsicle, "You only brought one?" And then the camera pulls out wide and shows that they are sitting in the middle of a really really large park.

YOU CANNOT BRING A POPSICLE TO A PARK. THE POPSICLE WOULD MELT. You can buy a popsicle at a park. But you cannot BRING a popsicle TO a park. GOD.


Cunning_Linguist said...

Quite obviously the corn syrup mfr's of the world wish to show us that women are selfish creatures when posicles are concerned.

Ok, maybe I got the wrong message from that. What shoes were they selling again?

*ducks and runs away quickly*

Rococo Cocoa is Joe said...

i really despise commercials that try to make their message seem natural, like one day its totally normal I would be talking to my mother about how yoplait has delicious flavors and half the fat of dannon!

Kinda makes want to punch someone.

raphael said...

maybe they had a cooler?

Marcin said...

There is a cooler box in the background. I checked.

In fairness, I doubt that there is much of a difference between consuming a syrup made from the fructose in corn, and a syrup made from the refined sucrose in sugar cane. Neither is especially healthy unless you are a labourer consuming a balanced diet.

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