You Are His Cheeseburger

my friends had a cheeseburger-eating contest and I might have made a video of it, set to possibly the greatest song ever discovered searching for "cheeseburger" on the iTunes music store:

Why is it in fast-motion? Because it took them fourteen freaking minutes to eat six double cheeseburgers each, and that was deeply anticlimactic. Classic case of not needing to outrun the bear.


Paul said...

That was like a beef-laden train wreck. I couldn't NOT watch all of that.

regan said...


Veggie Tales are one of the few fun things exposed to young, southern Christians. VT and lock-ins at water parks where the rule is to wear a dark t-shirt and knee-length shorts over all swimsuits.

Rococo Cocoa is Joe said...

That song is pure magic.

Cunning_Linguist said...

Cheeseburger eating contest. Meh.

I'll pony up a few bucks towards the prize if it were Haggis or maybe sweet breads, though. :)

RW said...

Far too much mouth wiping and sit backing going on.