High School Musical Milk Chocolate Flavored Strawberry Pop Rockin' Candy

I was at the drugstore last night getting a needle and thread so I could sew myself an Alice in Wonderland pinafore out of old white tshirts (seriously, this plus the pig butchering thing places me strictly in the Pioneer Woman Of Today file) when I was emotionally assaulted by a bag of candy.

Specifically, High School Musical Milk Chocolate Flavored Strawberry Pop Rockin' Candy (full name), which is (surprise!) a milk chocolate flavored substance (apparently not real milk chocolate) containing strawberry pop rocks. Each disk of chocolate is embossed with the HSM logo and is packaged in your choice of White Secondary Characters, Black Secondary Characters, or Protagonists.

[I took some pictures of my own, but they were horrible due in part to being taken using my phone, and in part to my entire body is shaking from the pop rocks exploding in my stomach. So this one is from here]


Things I Want: A Balloon Dress

File this one in the same category as the bleeding Sharpie dress, except make a note that this one is not actually wearable, due to the fact that the balloons filling the garment more or less preclude the simultaneous presence of an actual human body.

[Philip Toledano, via NotCouture]


That's Some Pig

Last night I went to a pig butchering class at The Brooklyn Kitchen. We watched Tom Mylan (the in-house butcher at the previously-discussed-in-this-space restaurant Diner) hack up a half-carcass and here is the thing: I love Mr. B as much as I ever have, he is a perfect man and strong and smart and witty and kind and extremely attractive. But Tom Mylan is the new love of my life. This is a guy who debunked the myth of the peaceful, earth-respecting, biodynamic farmer by saying "They're all like Christian libertarian dudes."

Tom on using pig skin in your sausage: "Don't use it unless you warn your friends first. And then they're gonna go home from dinner and blog about your skin sausage!"

Tom on why Josh Applestone of Fleisher's says he can't stop butchering: "I can't stop — it's such good therapy. I'd be divorced. I'd be a heavy-drinking divorcĂ©."

Tom on the joys of a slow-braised pig tail: "It's a chicharrone with a meat surprise in the middle!"

Not only that, but my fridge is now full of some freshly-butchered pork belly, top round, and fatback. Swoon.


Score One More for the Paradigm Shift

If you're a high school student who blogs, you're now eligible for a $10,000 blogging scholarship. If you win, it is quite possibly the only time in your life when your blog will earn you money:

At College Scholarships.org we believe that everyone deserves a shot at a decent education. And we love bloggers. Not for the least of reasons, because we blog, and the founders of this site makes a living as bloggers. :)

We believe passion is important. As the world gets more competitive, those who are passionate about what they do, and work close to their passions, will be able to become and stay successful even as technology and automation eat away at many business models. Those who are willing to share their experiences with the world help make the world a better place, even if most bloggers only consider blogging a hobby.

We believe those who freely express themselves are far more likely to find their true passions and connect with people to bring on large scale social change.
If you define "bring on large scale social change" as "share pictures of hamburger cookies," then I entirely agree.

Irrational Dessert

Okay, so the conceit is unoriginal. But the execution is flawless.

[via Digg]


Pumpkin Pocky Paradise

I keep having great luck at grocery stores. Like, for example, this showed up in my life while I was getting lunch today:

This is, as you can see, Lovely Halloween Pocky. It is pumpkin flavored! Sadly for everyone, it doesn't actually taste like pumpkin.

And yet, weirdly and wonderfully, it contains pumpkin!

In conclusion: I am grateful for both October and Japan.


Sleepover Museum Party!

It's a mere 82 days to my birthday, and here's something to add to the list of Stuff I Want: A night's stay at the Guggenheim:

From October 25 through January 6, guests can reserve an overnight stay in Revolving Hotel Room, a work of art created by artist Carsten Höller, at the Guggenheim Museum.

Revolving Hotel Room is an art installation comprising three outfitted, superimposed turning glass discs mounted onto a fourth disc that all turn harmoniously at a very slow speed. During the day the hotel room will be on view as part of the Guggenheim’s theanyspacewhatever exhibition, which runs from October 24, 2008–January 7, 2009. At night, the art installation becomes an operative hotel room outfitted with luxury amenities.
Rates, based on single or double occupancy, are:

$259 student rate on Monday evenings (with valid school ID)
$549 for Sunday and Tuesday–Thursday
$649 for Friday/Saturday
$799 on holiday weekends

Check-in: after 6:30 p.m. on arrival day
Check-out: no later than 8:30 a.m. on departure day

Guests will have access to a bathroom and shower and will be provided with towels, robes, slippers, and other bath amenities to make their stay comfortable.

Continental breakfast will be served.

Marisha Pessl Doesn't Look Like That

Let's ignore for a moment that it has been nearly two years since I expounded on my distaste for Marisha Pessl, and that therefore this little kernel of resentment for someone I have never ever met has burned within me for far longer than is unembarrassing. This is important news: I have recently learned that the author photo on her novel, published when she ws 27, was taken when she was in college.

I'm not sure if it's the schadenfreude or the parallels with assholic online dating behavior or what, but suddenly I feel all happy and shiny about the world.

DIY Ecstasy

Do you want some Bacon Candy? Over at The Blog I Am Paid To Write, I tell you how to make it your damn self.


Desktop Music

I can't for the life of me remember who it was who was listening to tons of The Bird And The Bee recently, and who I wanted to show this amazing Mac-driven music video to. So I'm going to hope that whoever it was has found this website and then had the presence of mind to hit play.

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Burger Of Atonement

To really, really drive home my non-observance of Yom Kippur this year, here's what I just bought at Whole Foods:

IS THAT A HAMBURGER?!?! you are saying to yourself right now. And if you answered yes, you would be wrong!


It was about an inch and a half in diameter. I say "was" because i don't know what its current diameter is, because it is chewed up and in my tummy.

Keeping Yom Kippur

Today is Yom Kippur, the Jewish day of atonement, and as a result of that fact I spent some time this morning weighing whether to skip out of work today. This, even though I am more or less entirely nonreligious, and don't believe in any sort of god, and feel antsy and uncomfortable whenever I am near prayer, and feel, contrarily to the popular portrayal of these activities, more guilty about attending religious services than I do about not attending them.

So it was sort of a consolation to read Greg's defense of working on Yom Kippur. Hank Greenberg, the 30s-era baseball player who became famous for refusing to play on Yom Kippur, apparently has a granddaughter named Melanie. And Melanie thinks that all Jewish baseball players should sit out playing today, as a show of solidarity. Greg, meanwhile, thinks that idea is not only offensive, but destructive:

I would argue, in fact, that sitting out games today when you’re not even religious could actually forward an anti-Semitic idea — that is, that Jews always remain a people apart. Being a regular player, though, does just the opposite.

But maybe that’s because I think baseball is a force for good, and religion is, well…

Greenberg writes that while her grandfather “would not be met by the roar of the stadium crowd, he was greeted with thunderous applause and a standing ovation when he walked into temple.”

I know which one I’d choose.
I know which one I chose. Not that walking into work today involved any thunderous applause. That I was aware of. Or that was audible to the human ear.


Two Lists

1. Things I have in common with Scarlett Johansson:

  • we have both ridden in an elevator with Benicio Del Toro.

2. Things I do not have in common with Scarlett Johanson:
Now you know how to tell us apart.


Alobama! Alaskama! Arizobama! Arkansama!

As soon as this election is over I will get back to blogging about what I'm making for dinner and the rare English supine and how much I hate everyone's clothing, I swear to god.

In the meantime!

I love it so much.


BaFrock Obama

Intrepid friend-of-RSGo Amy sent over this image, saying she thought it would intrigue me:

And oh my god it does, especially because what red-blooded woman would not want a broadly grinning sequined Barack Obama over her boobs? Answer: None.

[via, and hilariously the email came exactly as I was reading this]


vignette: oh, sarah palin, yes!

Dear my parents & work superiors, this post contains explicit sexual references!

me: "Sarah Palin look-alike for an adult film to be shot in next 10 days. Major adult studio. Please send pix, stats etc. ASAP Pay: $2000-3000 No anal required."
Adam: oy
me: i imagine instead the sarah palin lookalike will be, instead, fucking the united states in the ass.
Adam: that would be a superb image
Adam: perhaps lake superior would be the hole
me: perhaps, like, a rain puddle in kansas city
me: to maximize pain and damage
Adam: its true
Adam: i am sure the internet will provide this video immediately
me: i don't actually know about these things, but doesn't $2-3000 seem kind of low?
Adam: i guess depends how long filming takes
Adam: if it's two days, that's pretty solid
Adam: esp.if 9-5, because you can still hook in the evening
me: or shoot moose