High School Musical Milk Chocolate Flavored Strawberry Pop Rockin' Candy

I was at the drugstore last night getting a needle and thread so I could sew myself an Alice in Wonderland pinafore out of old white tshirts (seriously, this plus the pig butchering thing places me strictly in the Pioneer Woman Of Today file) when I was emotionally assaulted by a bag of candy.

Specifically, High School Musical Milk Chocolate Flavored Strawberry Pop Rockin' Candy (full name), which is (surprise!) a milk chocolate flavored substance (apparently not real milk chocolate) containing strawberry pop rocks. Each disk of chocolate is embossed with the HSM logo and is packaged in your choice of White Secondary Characters, Black Secondary Characters, or Protagonists.

[I took some pictures of my own, but they were horrible due in part to being taken using my phone, and in part to my entire body is shaking from the pop rocks exploding in my stomach. So this one is from here]


Angela said...

Glad to see you love these too! Aren't they great? I'm happy to loan you my picture too. {{snicker}}

Anonymous said...

dont eat these...they were recalled on the internet and have drugs in them

helen said...

@anon: oh really? i'm skeptical until i see the link.

Anonymous said...

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