That's Some Pig

Last night I went to a pig butchering class at The Brooklyn Kitchen. We watched Tom Mylan (the in-house butcher at the previously-discussed-in-this-space restaurant Diner) hack up a half-carcass and here is the thing: I love Mr. B as much as I ever have, he is a perfect man and strong and smart and witty and kind and extremely attractive. But Tom Mylan is the new love of my life. This is a guy who debunked the myth of the peaceful, earth-respecting, biodynamic farmer by saying "They're all like Christian libertarian dudes."

Tom on using pig skin in your sausage: "Don't use it unless you warn your friends first. And then they're gonna go home from dinner and blog about your skin sausage!"

Tom on why Josh Applestone of Fleisher's says he can't stop butchering: "I can't stop — it's such good therapy. I'd be divorced. I'd be a heavy-drinking divorcĂ©."

Tom on the joys of a slow-braised pig tail: "It's a chicharrone with a meat surprise in the middle!"

Not only that, but my fridge is now full of some freshly-butchered pork belly, top round, and fatback. Swoon.


Rabbi Fishman said...

Kosher scorn!

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