Days-of-the-Week Shoes

They don't actually help me figure out what day of the week it is. But they are great for cheating on exams given to me in the first grade.


Nailing It

NotCouture says that this is "The 'new' french manicure with a contemporary sophistication by Yves Saint Laurent, white on the bottom and navy blue tips."

I DIY an approximation of this look every day, simply by having completely bare nails with obscene amounts of dirt and ink underneath. Score!


However You Like

Loving this almost too much for words. In related news, the election has me an emo wreck.

vignette: voting and crying

me: oh my god
me: i am actually crying
me: THIS
me: full on crying
Elsa: oh nooooooooo
Elsa: me too
Elsa: YES
Elsa: here are things i have cried at:
Elsa: that
Elsa: actually voting
Elsa: all the old people in line with me at the polls who lived through segregation and probably thought there would never be equal rights, much less barack obama
Elsa: obama voting
Elsa: a video of obama
Elsa: thinking the phrase "president barack obama"
me: your list of things that make you cry is making me cry