Nailing It

NotCouture says that this is "The 'new' french manicure with a contemporary sophistication by Yves Saint Laurent, white on the bottom and navy blue tips."

I DIY an approximation of this look every day, simply by having completely bare nails with obscene amounts of dirt and ink underneath. Score!


Mariel said...

I have a comment! I used to have long conversations with my now boyfriend about how he only liked cunts. He asked me to define a cunt in one word. I took a poll among my friends. I asked Helen. Helen said, "french manicure." Helen, you couldn't have been more correct.

xopjesse said...

Further, if there's one look that says both "cunt" and "trailer trash", its the oddly-colored french manicure. Its not a new look, and its sure not a sophisticated one.

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