I went to the Bust Craftacular this weekend, and if I learned one thing there, it is that — if ubiquity means passe — feathered headbands are so over. Seriously, every third vendor was selling a birdlike headpieces that looked exactly like this, and they were all claiming they were handmade. I smell a rat-like bird.

But the real point here is that, as with most things trend-related, I am only now jumping on the head-embellishment train (it leaves the station going 45mph towards Denver). So what's a girl to do when she wants to put something ridiculous on her head, but doesn't want to go the plumage route? Bows, motherfucker.

embellished headbands by helenr

in related being-late-to-the-train news, I made a polyvore account. Feel free to buy me any of these, at any time (except for the one I already own, but am too chicken to wear, thus implying I should probably not get too financially invested in this trend).

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