We Like The Cars

Some clicking and page-jumping and various bits of internet ephemera have led me, of all places, to a car website. And kids, holy crap, I am in love.

It's weird, of course, because I am a non-car-owning person who does not care about cars, preferring instead to focus on important matters such as restaurant-industry gossip and my liquid eyeliner collection. But The Truth About Cars is freaking awesome. It's everything you want in a life partner: smart, wry, a soupcon of profane.

Mr. B is thinking about buying a Prius (he recently grew a beard, and today he bought an iPhone, so it's the logical next step), so I looked up TTAC's Prius review. Not kidding: it's one of the best reviews I've read. About anything. Ever.

Sort of proves the philosophy I've long espoused that it's not what you write about that matters, it's how you write about it. Because I could not give less of a shit about cars, and yet somehow I've killed the last forty-seven minutes reading about nothing but.


Cunning_Linguist said...

Prius is first generation. Wait for the Chevy Volt. More smug per mile ;)

xopjesse said...

I wasn't grabbed by either the prose or the car, but it made me miss las Vegas.