Betsy, Tacy, and Me

I really don't mean to be getting all Dooce on you people, throwing up pictures of stuff I own rather than actually providing you with the brilliant insight into food math and grammatical tidbits and supermodel breasts that you're used to getting from me. I blame Twitter, it's been getting all my really A+ passing thoughts lately.

But anyway, not the point. For the past few years I've been doing this very lovely ritual wherein I buy myself a birthday present, because while I do buy myself nice things fairly regularly, they fit to a particular inscrutable code of nice-but-not-too-nice, because after all I am (in the words of an ex-boyfriend) a povert.

So anyway this year, my birthday present to myself was a complete set of some of my favorite books as a child: the Betsy-Tacy series. This is an ongoing gift, though, because I have further declared that I must only have them with the exact covers as the copies I owned back in the late 80s. They're illustrated by Lois Lenski, and they are just the perfect vehicle for a 6-year-old girl to declare that she needs to wear a giant bow in her hair.

Anyway because I have declared that I can only have the ones with the right covers, this is kind of an arduous self-gift. Thus far the first one has come in the mail, and I'm adding it to my rapidly-growing library of Books I Owned As A Kid That I Am Now Spending A Lot Of Energy To Track Down The Original Copies Of, Because Goddamnit I Got Rid Of All Of Them Like An Idiot Back When I Was A Teenager. (Anyone else out there ever read Amy's Eyes? Shoutout!) And anyway blah blah blah I am very psyched about all of it.

[kudos due to owl and the glass cat for the image and info. hurrah!]


people wear clothes. said...

The Betsy/Tacy books are some of the best books ever. I loved those when I was younger.

Beth said...

I am absolutely obsessed with Betsy-Tacy, to the point of incorporating excerpts from 'Betsy and Tacy Go Downtown' into a grad school presentation on 'Lady Audley's Secret.' Well chosen.

Anonymous said...

You know, there is a whole movement of adult women obsessed with Betsy-Tacy. There is an organization, a listserv, etc. In fact, this summer they are holding a convention in Minnesota on all things B-T. Google Betsy-Tacy Society for more info.

Anonymous said...

I actually have no idea how I ended up on your blog...I think i googled hipsters wearing makeup or something (ha..). Anyway, would like to say a) I love "Betsy, Tacy, and Tib"and b) have read, reread, own, and love "Amy's Eye's." It was one of my first "really big" books as a kid.