Economies of Scale

Mr. B and I are thinking about going to a very foreign country for a week or so this spring, so we can watch one of his friends get married. This is very exciting.

Also exciting is that one of the perks of one of Mr. B's credit cards is that if you buy a full-price business or first-class ticket, you get a free companion fare. Score! 17-hour flight in a fully horizontal position!

Except, keyword: "Full-price." While my wizardly cheap-fare-finding skills found a roundtrip business class ticket for $3600 (only $800 more than the cost of two coach tickets), apparently the only options for a full price ticket is a heart-stopping $9391. Plus an additional $379 for the companion, so it comes to $9,770. THAT IS ALMOST TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. It is three times the cost of the business-class ticket I found on Kayak. It is FREAKING RIDICULOUS.*

Anyway we're going to fly coach.

*it is also, admittedly, fully refundable, cancelable, and changeable. and unlike the coach flight, it is a non-stop.


Captain Smack said...


It takes a lot to surprise me these days, but that did the trick.

Marcin said...

Since qualifying for silver-level frequent flyer membership, I find that I often get upgraded anyway.