New York Guilt

I've written before about the particular breed of angst and guilt that is engendered by one's awareness of the growing backlog of New Yorker issues that one has not yet gotten around to reading. Cartoons-only doesn't count. Though to be fair, I think I'm ready to modify the rules to allow for cartoons only plus a read of Shouts & Murmurs, because now that the back page is taken up by the Cartoon Caption Contest, getting to Shouts & Murmurs requires actually flipping through the magazine in such a way that you might osmose some highbrow content and have a dinner party anecdote.

It's also probably worth noting that my relaxing of that rule really drives home to me that even though the New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest is, like, multiple years old, old enough to have a book even, I still think of it as this seriously jarring, upstarty whippersnapper element of change that is going to go away if I close my eyes and wish it hard enough. If you don't think it's problematic that I feel that way, may I remind you that I was born in the eighties, and that the aforementioned opinion is one of an old lady with arthritic elbows and a hearing trumpet.

Anyway this is all a very roundabout way of getting to the point that I just realized, just this second, that I haven't been getting my weekly bound volume of guilt New Yorker delivery for a while. And it turns out my subscription lapsed about two months ago. AND IT TOOK ME THAT LONG TO NOTICE.


Paul Gowder said...

Given the terribleness of the New Yorker, this shows that there is hope for you yet.

Dan said...

What's sad is that I am unemployed, with an obscene amount of time on my hands. And still I have a pile of unread New Yorkers.

Ian said...

i hold onto the fiction issues for, sometimes, years. no joke, years. the greatest irony of this being that, though for whatever reason i have convinced myself that i like New Yorker fiction so damn much that i'm going to read it a year+ later, in fact i read less of the magazine's fiction than pretty much anything else they publish (with the exception of poetry, which might possibly get a read if it's seriously short and happens to be on the same page as something else i'm already reading).