vignette: the price of eggs

me: should I sell my eggs? I can make, like, $8,000.
mr.B: Your eggs are worth way more than eight thousand.
me: Would you write my eggs a testimonial?
mr.B: Dear everyone, You can't have Helen's eggs unless you give us ten million
me: yes!
mr.B: ... of other people's eggs.
me: NO!
mr.B: Oh yes. I think it sets a very clear market valuation.


Gwen said...

If I remember correctly from the constant ads that ran in my college paper, you'll get big bonus points (and $$) for being a) Jewish and b) smart, but if you actually need glasses, that's a detriment. Which is a little crazy, because I think the majority of 20somethings I know do not have perfect vision.

Wow, that was awkward said...

When people (like wait staff) ask me how I like my eggs, I always say unfertilized.