Your Mother and I Are Gay, Too

I can't for the life of me remember where I found this cartoon — I thought it was the New Yorker but Cartoonbank doesn't have it online, so who knows. What I do know is that when I saw it I nearly fell over with joy, I cut it out, and I taped it to my wall where I could see it every day as I left for the morning. It's kind of my equivalent of Lincoln's "this too shall pass."

Over the years it's yellowed and torn, and I finally got myself together enough to scan it in to preserve for posterity. I hope it affects your parenting plans as much as it's affected my own.


Marcin said...

What's on the back? Based on colour, and tiny amount of the back, I might guess the FT, but it's not their kind of thing.

Best suggestion is to match the font on the back to a newspaper.

Eric P said...

if you can find out the cartoonist's signature, you could probably find the guy's website and inquire directly.

I tried but Mu*zler didn't really turn too many matches up.

helen said...

Oh, I completely forgot to say that that the cartoonist is P.S. Mueller. But the cartoon looks prettier all scanned in and faded, non?