Fashion Crowdsourcing: Hats

Let's say you will be visiting a desert nation sometime in late May, and also let us assume that you are the sort of person who really likes to plan ahead. What sort of hat do you wear?


Marcin said...

I always think that plain hats with wide brims and low crowns are fetching on ladies.

A narrow porkpie/panama *might* suit as well. I make no promises, though.

One of the good things about being a lady in the west is that there are many suppliers of hats for ladies, of reasonable quality and price. By contrast, it is difficult to find decent hats, or let's be honest, good quality gents outfitters these days.

PG said...

Off topic, but I like your icon at the top of the blog -- really clean and cute! Reminds me of the cover from Agnes & the Hitman (coincidentally, about a food writer).

EL said...

Pith helmet, duh.

Anonymous said...

I'd wear a sun hat with a wildly wide brim and a candy colored bow!