Last Night

Last night I met three of my culinary heroes. One of them kissed me!(Okay, it was on the cheek.) One of them chatted with me like an old friend. One of them told me this fantastic story about her early life as a writer.

The question we should be asking ourselves is this: How much of last night's awesomeness was due to me being a competent journalist who knows where the stories are, and how much was due to the fact that I was wearing a dress that was, essentially, a picture frame for some gazunga cleavage?


Paul Gowder said...

Well, that depends on the genders and the sexual orientations of the heroes! But you're awesome, so I suspect body parts were the smallest part of your appeal.

Paul Gowder said...

As it were.

befalas said...

You're talking about two equally compelling but completely separate reasons.

Then there's the first one ;-)

Captain Smack said...

Ahhh, Brains vs Boobies. The ancient battle continues.

I'm not going to choose sides, as I like them both.

Especially boobies.