It's the S


Dr. James Morgan

Kind of loving the spam I just got:

My name dr. James Morgan.
I do study the anti depressants. And wish to introduce to you the new drug called zoloft.
If you want to feel good, look at these links.
Oh honey. When I want to feel good, I look at these links.

Aretha Franklin sings 'The Weight'

I am so effing obsessed with this mp3 of Aretha Franklin singing "The Weight," accompanied by Duane Allman, that I have probably listened to it literally 23 times in a row between first hearing it earlier this morning and rtfn. Life plan: Be a stripper in the 1970s, dancing to this song.

Click here for sonic awesomeness.

(No jokes about Aretha and "the weight," plzkthx. Jokes about The Hat are a-ok tho.)


The Internet Is Helpful

Here's a thing that I'm doing right now: In deciding what to wear on my upcoming trip to Jordan, I'm using Flickr to check out strangers' snapshots to see what they wore on their visits. Surprise, surprise, it's just normal clothes, but still — I am inordinately proud of myself for coming up with this extension of sartorial obsessiveness.


The Spectrum of Online Friendship

The only thing that would make this totally fantastic chart better would be if it had some element of sarcasm or snark incorporated into it. Like "Indirect Dialogue: I only publicly compare you to Hitler when I am using one of my many internet pseudonyms."

click for full size



Comparative Value

This is what seventeen dollars buys you at The Spotted Pig: some celery, fennel, and shaved bottarga.

In contrast, for a dollar less, you can get a burger that is so good it makes you want to smear it all over your face.


Culinary Determinism

Over at the blog I get paid to write, I spill some ink on the idea of free will as it relates to fine dining. Bonus: I tell Tyler Cowen he's an idiot.

Thumbs Down

Screw you, Facebook targeted advertising. Every philosophy major I know has a job, including me.

Stop making me freak out about my future, while simultaneously indirectly implying via your color scheme that I could be qualified to work for Google, because that would be kind of awesome actually.

Also it would have been nice if you had spelled "philosophy" correctly, as Nadarine has pointed out.


Thank You, Mario

One of the many Adams in my life just sent me this music video, and I've played it maybe nine billion times in the last half-hour. It's the perfect visual accompaniment to the only the best indie-emo song sung from the perspective of Toad, the Super Mario Brothers character, "Thank You Mario! But Our Princess Is In Another Castle!" by The Mountain Goats.

No, seriously, the song is actually called that. And is actually sung from Toad's perspective. As Mountain Goat John Darnielle said: "On this one, I played piano and sang; Kaki played drums and glockenspiel, and also sang harmony. The song is sung from the point of view of Toad. If you know who Toad is, that's all I'll need to tell you. If you don't who Toad is, you better recognize.""

Worlds Collide

It's recently come to my attention that one of my favorite fashion blogs is written by the niece of the guy who played Commander Riker on ST:TNG. And somehow I feel like this justifies my intense love of both individuals.


Rainbow Foodstuffs

I don't care if this stuff makes me poop the rainbow 12 hours later, I am a complete sucker for edible ROYGBIV.