My Trip to Jordan: Makeup Endorsement

If you are the sort of girl who goes on hikes through canyons in the Jordanian desert in order to see ancient Nabatean ruins, but you are also all "I would like to wear a full face of makeup while doing this," you could do worse than Blinc mascara and Revlon Colorstay somethingsomething Sport foundation. They are mindblowingly resistant to midday desert temperatures and hiking-induced sweat, which is great in and of itself but is doubly great when you consider that it avoids the drippy-raccoon-eye look that would, in photos, preserve for all eternity your status as the girl who wore mascara on the hike to Petra. With these products you can be that girl, but no one need know about it unless you are so foolish as to write about it on your publicly readable blog.

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