Literary Chairs

Eric sent me a link to these Penguin Classics deck chairs (available from Bloomsbury UK) and immediately started feeling sorry for myself for not having a deck on which to place them. And then I was like, come on, Helen. You have a deck! But they're all on backorder, and I am poor, and really I have so many books anyway that if I start buying furniture modeled on books it'll be impossible to tell what is what in my apartment.

It's true. I was so blinded by the awesomeness of these chairs that I actually forgot the layout of my own home. They are that great.


Eric P said...

a worker commented that she wouldn't really want a virginia wolfe modeled deck chair near water

nadarine said...

Step 1: find apartment with deck or porch or flattish roof surface.
Step 2: rob bank.
Step 3: order chairs.