The Unbearably Glamorous Daily Lunches of a Real-Life Food Blogger

Monday: Coffee with powdered creamer. 10am and 3pm.
Tuesday: Peanut M&Ms, Diet Coke. 4pm.
Wednesday: Maruchan Instant Lunch, chicken flavor, found on the free stuff table. 2:45pm.


raphael said...

you have a FREE STUFF TABLE?

Marcin said...

Did I inspire this? Also, can you update your blogroll to point to my new blog, the one at http://marcintustin.tumblr.com?

Cunning_Linguist said...

You poor dear *holds you in close to his bossoms* who has done this to you. I shall smite them in your name.

Powdered creamer..... the words burn my tongue as I speak them.