Collar and Cuffs

Dying just the littlest bit over this man's-shirt-collar-inspired bangle from Etsy seller yellowgoat. Just a smidge of death. Nothing to worry about.


McNuggetGate 2009: Yawn

The New York Daily News wastes precious, precious internet space today calling out McDonald's for unfair McNugget pricing.

Come on people, this is not news. I covered this back in 2005. It's not a "scam," it's merely a system by which the smart may benefit over the idiotic. If you're too dumb to notice that you can get 8 nuggets for $2 by ordering two 4-pieces, rather than paying $2.89 or whatever for a 6-piecer, you freaking deserve to be taken advantage of.


Diner, My Shiny Shiny Love

Mia G. just came up with the best idea I might have ever heard in my life: Propose to your loved one by buying ad space on one of those local-ad-filled diner placemats that reads "Loved one, will you marry me?"

My contribution: Then the song "Diner" by Martin Sexton can be Your Song.

Someone out there needs to do this. Please, please please please please.


My Trip to Jordan: Falsetto

At Petra, in the glaring early afternoon sun, we were booking it from the base of the 700 steps to the monastery back to the treasury. Amid the sea of dusty, perky German and Australian tourists and American girls stupidly wearing sundresses and flipflops (it's a 4km hike through sand, guys, come on), there was this knot of a dozen American-accented fresh-faced young men in tucked-in collared shirts and nicely combed hair, breezily wandering with a somewhat aristocratic cameraderie. Not uniformly dressed enough to be Mormons or Jehovah's Witnesses, not old enough to be Rotarians, not ass-slappy enough to be a frat.

I turned to Mr. B and Mo: "Twenty bucks says they're an a capella group from an Ivy League school."

So Mr. B went up to one who was straggling behind the others: blond curls, a pink polo shirt, boat shoes.

"Who are you guys?" Mr. B asked.
"We're an a capella group," the guy said.
"Where from?"

It's a good school but it's no Ivy. No points, thanks for playing, try again.

Update: An extraordinarly astute reader points out that they were almost certainly the Virginia Gentlemen.

Cady Heron

From the UK Guardian's recent article about the Vogue documentary "The September Issue":

According to Cady Heron, a blogger at the online entertainment news site Collider.com who attended one of the few screenings, after refusing to take part in the film's early stages Grace soon becomes the 'heart' of the documentary.
Dear reputable newspaper The Guardian: you do realize Cady Heron is the name of the main character in "Mean Girls," and thus is obvs a pseudonym, right? Just checking. xoxoH