McNuggetGate 2009: Yawn

The New York Daily News wastes precious, precious internet space today calling out McDonald's for unfair McNugget pricing.

Come on people, this is not news. I covered this back in 2005. It's not a "scam," it's merely a system by which the smart may benefit over the idiotic. If you're too dumb to notice that you can get 8 nuggets for $2 by ordering two 4-pieces, rather than paying $2.89 or whatever for a 6-piecer, you freaking deserve to be taken advantage of.


Michael said...

Though I agree that McD's pricing is more than usually arbitrary. It's crazy that the double cheeseburger was on the dollar menu while the Royale with cheese was like $2.89 or something, when they basically have the same mass. That's like a dime for each sesame seed.

Still, as newsworthiness goes, this is right up there with their discovery the other day that some kids at some snooty Eastern college aren't getting the free ride Mom & Dad promised when the Dow was 200 billion and they might actually have to, y'know, only go on Less Than Zero-style coke binges once a weekend. Oh the humanity!

Michael said...

Oops, that latter story was actually the New Zork Times, in its ongoing series Help the Neediest Trust-Fund Cases.

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