Floaty Dresses

Adding this inflatable kayak dress (okay, it's a skirt, inspired by Hurricane Katrina blah blah blah) by Yael Mer to my fantasy dress closet, where it will hang alongside the balloon dress and the 3D bird dress and the bleeding markers dress and the color-it-in dress. In fact now that I think of it, I should mash them all together in a new category I am calling fantasy closet. Done! Poof!


BD said...

as a new orleanian, first i will say "eff that" to the inspiration line (seriously, y'all, we folks are tired of listening to you babble about your neat art projects that were inspired by our bad fortune.), followed by an observation that, instead of a kayak, that really looks like a large pink vagina that is giving birth to the mannequin.

Risma Herbal said...

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