Fewer Clicks

This ad for Windows 7 (a) features a guy I went to summer camp with a million years ago (hi, Jack! Don't unfriend me on Facebook for this!) and (b) uses the mass adjective "less" when it should be the count adjective "fewer."

Because of these two things, I now feel surprisingly connected to Windows 7. Probably not in the way Microsoft wants me to be, but whatever.


Infinitely Recursive Jewelry

For as long as I have been alive I have hated wearing necklaces. Even the lightest, most ephemeral versions make me want to claw at them in a terrifically unladylike way until the damn things are ripped off my neck. Just thinking about it, seriously, just typing this is making me get all agitated and have creepy-crawly feelings growing up from my collarbone. Obviously I have problems. One of them, also necklace-related, is that I don't own this:

This is a diamond and sapphire necklace designed by Mark Newson for Boucheron. It's inspired by fractals, uses a particularly minimal setting "so the stones appear to float on the wearer’s throat," took 1500 hours of labor to craft, and is one of the most expensive pieces Boucheron has ever produced. Some lucky tycoon's wife gets to wear this, and that is all the proof I need that the world is horribly unfair.

[via The Moment]


The Tetris Dress

It's a dress with Tetris on it.

I've really got nothing more to say on the matter except that now that song will be stuck in my head FOREVER.

(via the inimitable A Dress A Day)


Dreamy Dream Computer

I'm home sick today with this epic cold that, last night, led me to stay up until 5am drifting in and out of fever-dreams about David Chang (no joke, and it's less fun than it sounds). After finally caving to a double dose of Nyquil I've spent the rest of the day cocooned in bed feeling sorry for myself and wanting to die.

This all has nothing to do with the fact that the latest in HP's attempts to sexify their netbook (Vivienne Tam, really?) has me completely enraptured. The darn thing is designed by Tord Boontje, which means it's one of the few things in the past day that's warmed my little Moss-obsessing design-snob techie heart enough to cut through the fog of this cold.

It's also delightfully in line with my realization that what I need, computer-wise, is not actually a tricked-out laptop, but instead a serviceable desktop machine and a nice handbag-friendly netbook. And a wee little netbook laser-etched in Boontje's awesome techno-flora graphics, cute enough to get me to abandon the Apple brand-loyalty I've carried for all twenty-seven years of my life? Yes and yes and yes, please.


Helen vs. The Piglet

I wrote a cookbook review-slash-judgment for Food52.com that's up today in their March Madness-style cookbook tournament: Well-Preserved vs. Babycakes.

Go read it and help me put up a feeble defense against the crushingly massive pageviews that will no doubt ensue from the tournament's later judges, who include folks like Grant Achatz, Gwyneth Paltrow, Nora Ephron, and Harold McGee. I know, right — how did I get invited to this party?