Decent Enough Hair

Mr. B and I went to see Good Hair last night. It was, well, good. Observations:

1. We were at the Magic Johnson Movie Theater on 125th St, in Harlem. 125th St is mentioned multiple times during the movie, and a number of the salons Chris Rock stopped by are within spitting distance of the theater.

2. And yet, more than half the (admittedly small) audience was white.

3. Even in the darkened theater, I felt self-conscious and strange that I had blow-dried straight my (naturally curly) hair that day.

4. After the movie, four women other from the theater and I were all in the bathroom staring at ourselves in the mirror and touching our own hair in complete silence. It was David Lynchian.


Marcin said...

If only we all had ambient cameras (I made that up - I mean a magic floating camera that follows one around).

Risma Herbal said...

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