Helen vs. Tilt Shift

Today I taught myself how to fake tilt-shift in Photoshop! Other things I have done on my vacation: start and defeat New Super Mario Bros. Wii, bike in the snow, wear red lipstick three days in a row. Productive!


nadarine said...

Things I have done on my vacation: ate four meals from gas stations, argued about the past tense of the verb "to teabag", kicked a piñata.

you win.

helen said...

Teabagged? Teabaggened? Teaed Bag?

nadarine said...

we argued if "to teabag" was a mutually reflexive verb, or if one party was the teabagger and one was the teabagee. "Teabagged" vs. "got teabagged", and so forth.

Although I might start saying "teabaggened" for fun.

Risma Herbal said...

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