Beef Stew Empanadas

Sometimes you will have a terrific dinner party and you'll make boeuf bourguignon (kind of Julia Child's recipe, but quicker, and because you're running low on beef broth you'll substitute something else in that you'll never, ever reveal, but it turns out amazing, way better than you expected) and you'll find yourself with leftovers at the end of the night.

When that happens you could have the stew for dinner the next day. Or you could realize that you have leftover pie crust (because that stupid snowstorm delayed the delivery of those crawfish tails you ordered, no joke, so no crawfish pie for those guests), and put the pie crust with the stew together, to make ...

BEEF STEW EMPANADAS. I am not kidding.

And you know, if you love your boyfriend a whole lot, and you have a little dough left over, you could make him feel a little special while you're at it.

As an aside, and this is wholly unrelated to culinary brilliance except that in a counterpointy kind of way it's about my tech idiocy, but can anyone tell me why the eff Blogger insists on robbing the saturation out of my photos? I do not get it. In contrast, here are the originals, on Flickr: Beef Stew Empanadas. Three of 'em. Total color. I DON'T GET IT.


Mr. B. said...

Your boyfriend is so lucky!

enna. said...

They look absolutely delicious!

I would drool on my computer screen, but I have pork tostadas to keep me company. ;)

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