Separated at Birth: Christoph Waltz and The Sartorialist

I loved Inglorious Basterds and all (omfg the Bear Jew, take me now), but most of the time I was sitting in that dark room watching the blood spurt all over Diane Kruger's pretty, pretty wartime clothes I was unable to shake the mental picture of The Sartorialist as a chillingly terrifying Nazi overlord. Having finally pulled my act together a full many months after having this thought, I present proof: Doesn't Christoph Waltz so totally look like Scott Schuman?

Ironically, the one who played the Nazi to wild acclaim is not the one with eyes as blue as a German sky. (Helpful hint: Waltz is on the left in both of the above images.)


Anonymous said...

Critical difference: Waltz is a pint-sized kooky European, Sart is a pint-sized insane asshole: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/style/sex-and-the-sartorialist/article1230353/

Risma Herbal said...

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