When Your Girl Is Gone

Almost exactly two years ago I shared in this space the fact that for my entire freaking life I have misheard the lyrics to the classic Box Tops song as "My love is a river running [pause] so deep" instead of the actual lyrics ("soul deep," which can shove it).

And now, just now, in this very moment, I have learned that for the past twenty eight goddamn years I have also misheard the first line of the second verse of "Little Bit O Soul," the 1967 hit from The Music Explosion. The line is, apparently, "When your girl is gone and you're broke in two." (Spoiler: the prescription for this situation is a little bit o soul.) For absolutely ever I have heard this line as "When your girl is gone and your boogie too," implying that, you know, the dude is ladyless and also does not got his Gershwinesque rhythm and music. And it appears that, as with a "so deep" love-river, I am the only person on the internet who has aired this mishearing in public.

I would like the record to show that I think my lyric is much better.


nadarine said...

Until 1999, I fully believed that the lyrics to The Who song were "that deaf, dumb, and blind kid sure plays a mean guitar".

In my defense, I was wholly unfamiliar with "Tommy" and didn't realize that the song was called "Pinball Wizard". I mean, why would a rock band write a song about PINBALL, for god's sake? Playing the guitar like a bad-ass made much more sense in my head.

Risma Herbal said...

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