Home Pantry Fail

This might not be a proper usage of the word "ironic," but it is certainly uniquely exasperating that last summer I went to all the trouble of making and freezing a giant batch of squash-blossom sauce to last me through the winter, promptly forgot about all the containers in the back of my freezer, and now squash blossoms are showing up on menus again. Blerg.


Piece of Cake

This objet you see above is a dining table from the Versace home collection. But how insanely awesome would it be if it were shrunk down to 1/10th its size and were a cake stand? [via]


Symphony on Ice

Men Spy On Icy Ho, originally uploaded by Epiclectic.

Mr. B and I ducked into a charity shop near our house that we'd never noticed before, where I found this utterly spectacular gem of an old record. This is totally being framed and hung up in the bathroom. Come visit and you can stare at it while you pee! $2 well spent indeed.

(Not my image - obviously someone else has already discovered this glory.)



Magnolias, originally uploaded by helenlikesyou.

A few weekends ago. Heaven, no?


Old Art, New Art

I wonder if at a certain point, paintings get too old to be considered "modern" and MoMA will send them off to the Met or some other "old art" museum. Kind of the opposite of the way the oldies station now plays stuff from the early 80s. (Which, it goes without saying, is completely unacceptable.)

Anyway it comes to mind in the course of watching this spectacular clip cycle of every painting at MoMA in two minutes. Also distracting: how similar the music is (intentionally?) to the soundtrack to the same-yet-different movie of Noah Kalina taking his self portrait every day for a million years.


Nasal Ability vs. Stinkiness

I had this moment of sort of huffy self-righteousness when I saw this (otherwise hilarious) Onion headline in my RSS reader today:

And then just now when I settled in for my ritual post-dinner RSS updatery, I was overjoyed to find that the error, unlike so many other things in life, corrected itself.

It's been a good day.

A Last Look at Doyers

Doyers, originally uploaded by helenlikesyou.

The news that spectacular Chinatown Vietnamese restaurant Doyers is probably closed is all the reason I need to revisit one of my favorite photos that I've taken. Something about the fuzzy neon really gets me going.


Bottoms Up

My latest object of interior decor lust: Jonathan Adler's Kiki's Derriere vase. I realize having a circle of porcelain asses in my living room might make some guests uncomfortable, but they need to man up. (When Mr. B's parents come visit, we can just hide it in the closet.)


Super-Important Update: I just got an email from the website from which I bought the dress with boats on it informing me that there has been some kind of error and whatever and as a result I do not get my dress with boats on it. I'm stunned that they expect a $25 gift voucher to mend my broken heart.