I think she is going to need therapy after baking all of these cupcakes in just two days, not to mention printing the toppers
So look, the idea of a cupcake mosaic is cool enough in the everything's-a-pixel! stream of zeitgeist that's going on and all, but it is FLAT-OUT CHEATING when you use printed-out edible paper instead of frosting. Then it's just a friggin paper mosaic where the paper has a piece of cake hanging out between it and the floor. Eff that. Call me when you've whipped up sixty-four batches of precisely hued buttercream.


Anonymous said...

It would have been 425 different colors of buttercream! Of course we would have LOVED to do it that way - but the budget made it impossible sadly :-(

Marcin said...

Of course, anyone familiar with printing techniques would have considered making four distinct colours of frosting, and using each cupcake as a stippling site.

Jessica Colin said...

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