Parody Comes Full Circle

Um hey. When did Buddy Christ — "a parody religious icon in the film Dogma. In the film, he is part of a campaign ("Catholicism Wow!") to renew the image of (and interest in) the Catholic Church." — become a real image attached to RSS ads for a browser plugin called Daily Bible Guide? And how does Kevin Smith feel about this? (Sorry 'bout the animation.)


Important things that happened this weekend

Capitol, originally uploaded by helenlikesyou.

1) I went to D.C. for Thanksgiving. 2) I downloaded Hipstamatic for my iPhone.

Gutenberg Bible

Supreme Court

Library of Congress


Tetris Bangle!

Tragically sold out, but now the song will be in my head all day. ParAmour Design, Etsy


Fundação de Serralves, Porto

After the wicked rad Vampire Weekend pic, this image of Mr. B is probably my favorite Portugal picture. What do you do when you're at an art museum and the galleries are all closed but the museum is open? You stage an impromptu Caroline Trentini-style jumping-in-the-air photo shoot on their 18-hectare grounds, that's what.

Fundação de Serralves, Porto, originally uploaded by helenlikesyou.


Gun Totin'

Pretty sure if I carry this around pretty much anywhere I will be detained immediately and it will be taken from me. But oh how glorious the moments will be before that happens! Guardian Angel Clutch, $234; Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art


Rock Gods and Their Worshippers

Mr. B and I just spent a little over a week in Portugal, and while many many amazing things happened, including much consumption of cod and much consumption of vinho verde, the major highlight, for me, was going to see Vampire Weekend play at the Porto Coliseu. Not so much from a concertgoing perspective (I mean, I like their music — they're like the rich, preppy heirs to Paul Simon's musical legacy) but because I took maybe the most awesome concert photo ever? I expect a call from Rolling Stone any time now. That's still the cool hip music rag, right?



Oh hello. I redesigned the header up there (because that whole "overanalysis is the navy blue of India" thing was high-effing-larious like six years ago but now we are over Diana Vreeland, sorry) and considering how this blog has basically become an image dump for things I find online that I want to own, I made the column width bigger so the pictures can be prettier. Applause, please.

Holiday Insanity

Last year, Mr. B and I had our first Christmas tree. It was his umpteenth, but my first-ever, because of the whole Jew thing, which was kind of a thing, but we won't go into that. But the way I wrapped my head around it was by taking Christmas not as a religious occasion, but as an opportunity to go completely apeshit in the home decor category, which means that now I am kind of obsessed with Christmas ornaments. In particular, I have learned that I am a total sucker for a good minimalist animal. Like so:

Savannah Story Rhino, Millinocket Moose, and Snow Rabbit ornaments, all from Anthropologie
Or maybe this:
Owl Ornament, Jonathan Adler

Or we could just lose our fucking minds on Etsy:

Elephant Christmas Ornament, Sileas Highland Cow, and Lamb With a Blue Tweet Scarf, all Etsy
 Because honestly, doesn't that baby elephant holding a candy cane just make you want to claw your own face off with the cuteness? And the lamb? IT IS WEARING A TWEED SCARF. I mean, holy sweet crap. How can anyone not be completely obsessed with Christmas?