Holiday Insanity

Last year, Mr. B and I had our first Christmas tree. It was his umpteenth, but my first-ever, because of the whole Jew thing, which was kind of a thing, but we won't go into that. But the way I wrapped my head around it was by taking Christmas not as a religious occasion, but as an opportunity to go completely apeshit in the home decor category, which means that now I am kind of obsessed with Christmas ornaments. In particular, I have learned that I am a total sucker for a good minimalist animal. Like so:

Savannah Story Rhino, Millinocket Moose, and Snow Rabbit ornaments, all from Anthropologie
Or maybe this:
Owl Ornament, Jonathan Adler

Or we could just lose our fucking minds on Etsy:

Elephant Christmas Ornament, Sileas Highland Cow, and Lamb With a Blue Tweet Scarf, all Etsy
 Because honestly, doesn't that baby elephant holding a candy cane just make you want to claw your own face off with the cuteness? And the lamb? IT IS WEARING A TWEED SCARF. I mean, holy sweet crap. How can anyone not be completely obsessed with Christmas?


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