The Drinkable Hippo

This extraordinary object is, apparently, a Lalanne hippo (I'm guessing artist Francis Xavier, and not my first thought which was creepy-strong old guy Jack), but the important thing is that it is actually a Transformer that turns not from a truck into a giant robot but from a sculpture of a hippo into a freaking bar. A bar! IT IS A HIPPO THAT TRANSFORMS INTO A BAR.

The very fact that this exists has renewed my will to live for at least a week. It is owned, mais oui, by socialite-fashion person Lauren Santo Domingo, who is very happy to display it on the well-manicured pages of Vogue.com.


mia g said...

This terrifies me. And then I sort of want it.

nadarine said...


I'm going to fixate all my envy on this. Curse you and your obscene wealth and glamour, LSD.

Byron said...

This came up on my Facebook while I was talking to my Mom on the phone. I laughed and described it to her. She then, without having seen a photo of the hippo, went on to describe the grasshopper at Windsor Castle: http://www.economist.com/node/15864941
A) Who knew my Mom had any awareness of the international art scene, and B) THERE ARE MORE OF THESE OUT THERE IN THE WORLD AND I LOVE THEM.

Dana Alma said...

Too cute! It reminds me of the pink pig bar that Gina Neely has on the cooking show.
See ya,
Readaholics Anonymous

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