Socio-Literary Criticism Of The Day

So this blog post was shared in my Google Reader about the tendency of male SF writers to rely on prostitutes as characters and why do men write women poorly and and and. Here is how I feel: Writers who are bad at writing women are often just as bad at writing men. It's just that in contemporary society (blah blah blah), men identify themselves in a more shorthand way (emotional repression, one-note "masculinity", etc.), so a simplistically conceived male character is superficially more similar to how we perceive a conventionally gendered real-life man. We notice poorly-written women more easily because the social construction of femininity is more complex. One of the nice silver linings to the whole being-thought-less-of-because-of-a-biological-propensity-to-show-emotion thing is that we ladies actually get to show emotion. So we're harder to write, in any medium. Which is ... awesome? It's something.


Die alte Aechzener said...

works for me as an explanation.

rich said...

Great stuff on how fiction makes sense because it mimics the superficiality of men's emotional intelligence in everyday life. Of course, following Bourdieu’s distinction of practical reason versus discursive reason, men in a tacit practical way DO observe their own and other’s emotional expressions but repress that experience and lack the tools to process it.

Might Goffman’s “Gender Advertisements” be relevant here?